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My work is figurative and autobiographical. It deals with my personal thoughts and feelings, much of which is subconcious. I usually don't know what my pictures are about until they are finished.

I like to work in various media, including painting. I have a passion for drawing and printmaking. Sometimes I have a need to work in a three dimensional way. This accelerates the devolpment of my work.

Foreign travel and different cultures always inspire new ideas - it always amazes me what eventually comes out in my work after being exposed to external influences. I hope you enjoy your visit to JuneCarey.com

Applied Art - Working in a three dimensional way helps my work to develop. There comes a point,during the process of making a drawing, painting or print that I have a need to "touch" the image I am making. This helps me "feel" more for what I am working on.

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'Persistent Thoughts' - One day I came across a pair of white feathered wings, quite by accident. My eyes fixed on them, and thereafter, to me, they became "Angels Wings". A nearby chemical plant constantly fascinates me. I pass it on a daily basis. I find the relentless orange flame and the continual trailing of smoke absolutely hyonotic.

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'The Dream Machine' - A visit to Mexico, was the inspiration for the "Dream Machine" Exhibition. The nightly visit from the Mariachi Bands brought about a very strong need to buy a guitar. I didn't realise at the time just how important this guitar was going to be, I only knew I couldn't leave Mexico without one. As it turned out, this instrument formed the basis for this new series of work. The guitar became a machine. You needed this "machine "to have a dream", and so the work evolved.

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'Silent Angels' - This series of drawings and paintings was the result of a trip to Indonesia and Bali. The Hindu presence in Bali had a mesmerising effect on me. The half human, half animal artefacts stayed in my mind and came to the surface when I began this new work.
We are mostly unaffected by the daily sight of pylons, telephone masts and cables etc. For some reason, these objects took on a very different meaning for me in Indonesia. They became very sinister and threatening. All of this of course, came out in my work.

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Prints - I have an absolute  passion for etching and printmaking. I always begin new work by starting on my etchings first. Working in this way releases my immagination. Because I cannot see clearly what image I am making, it allows my subconcious to take over. It is therefore  always a wonderful surprise to see what my first print is about. There always comes a point during the process of making new work when I have a need to move on and start the drawings or paintings.

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'Angel Whispers' - This body of work was inspired from my experience in Quebec during my residency at Engramme Print Studio in 2008. There are many references to religion in this work. You will also see the presence of a mask with ridged horns, which is used as both a headpiece and an object of love, symbolic of another being. I usually have no concious control over what comes out in my work and I find that as my work develops, it seems to take on a life of its own, which is what has begun to happen in this new work. There seems to be a strong sense of love surfacing, in all the shades that love presents itself in our lives. The mask which features in this work, is one that I came across in Quebec and immediately fell in love with.

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'If Wishes were Kisses' - Receiving a grant from the Scottish Arts Council in 2004 enabled me to fulfill a long held ambition of mine, to visit India. I had always believed that I would find a rich source of inspiration for my work in this amazing country. I knew that it would hold all of the ingredients, and more, that I find so stimulating for my work, but I did not quite expect my senses to be so overwhelmed by the intensity of the rich colour, decoration, opulence and spiritual presence that India presented.

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